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May 03, 2005

Another tip from Dr. Weil-Back pain? Try Yoga

Chronic back pain - often due to poor posture, injuries, or muscle tension - can profoundly impact your quality of life. One way to help prevent further injury and lessen the symptoms of current back pain is through yoga:

It engages your body, mind and spirit, which may lead to a feeling of self-reliance and control over your pain.
It provides long-term preventive relief, through improved posture, breathing techniques, and stress reduction.
It can make you more aware of your body - balance, posture and proper alignment will be a renewed focus in your life.
It strengthens your abdominal and leg muscles and increases blood flow - all of which can be beneficial for the back.
It can soothe your mind, which in turn can produce a relaxed, calm and meditative state that can lessen pain.

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