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September 02, 2005

Annica: Impermanence

"Annica is the truth of impermanence, of the constantly changing nature of all experience. Of course we all know that things change, that nothing endures. No one I know likes to go to the dentist, but everyone goes, more or less relaxed, even for complicated procedures. No one would go at all if appointments were open-ended, with no expectations of when, or even if, we would emerge. We remember things change when we go to the dentist, but we forget when we are confused. Grief confuses us, and loss and sadness frightens us. If we can keep at least a bit of the mind clear about temporality, we can manage complicated , even difficult, times with grace."

Taken from "It's Easier Than You Think-The Buddhist Way to Happiness" by Sylvia Boorstein

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